How to get Bitcoin for Free

Back in the days (2009–2010) when Bitcoin was worth pennies you could get 50 bitcoins just by clicking an .exe file on your computer.

Things have, to say the least, changed and 50 bitcoins are now worth more than $1M but believe it or not you can still get bitcoin for free.

It’s almost Christmas 2020 and the price of 1 Bitcoin is about $24,000, back in March was $4,000. Yes, you could have made 6 times your money in 9 months, but you didn’t. Did you?

If this is your case, worry not, I wrote this for you so keep reading.

Although we never met I guess if you’re like me, you buy groceries, pay your bills, buy coffee, shop online with your credit or debit card.

What if I told you that you can get free Bitcoin every time you swipe your card?

No, not your Wells Fargo card nor your Capital One card and definitely not your fancy American Express card. A new card. A card that instead of giving you some stupid “points” or “air miles” or depreciating Dollars pays you back in Bitcoin everytime you shop.

Say hello to Fold Card:

How does the Fold Card works?

  • Direct deposit or ACH transfer USD directly into your Fold account.
  • Pay anywhere Visa is accepted in person or online with the card, or checkout straight from Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Earn between 1% and 3% bitcoin-back on every purchase and watch as your bitcoin reward balance grows!

Ok, now you that have got some Bitcoin for free we should talk about how to get even more free Bitcoin.

Earning Interest on your Bitcoin

There are many platforms that allows you to earn interest from your Bitcoin but the 2 that I use and trust the most are BlockFi & Celsius

In short these are crypto banks that lend your bitcoin to a variety of institutions and share the interest they receive with their customers, you know like what the regular banks used to do.

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