How Liberals Are Breeding Themselves Out Of Power

If you take your news from mainstream left-leaning outlets you might believe having children is the worst crime of them all.

Although Antinatalism, which is the underlying philosophy that describe having kids as immoral, is not a new concept; only in the last decades has became a mainstream narrative as shown in the above articles.

This narrative, as absurd as it sounds, have already had disastrous impact on society, so much so that 2016 had the lowest fertility rate in history: 1.7 children per woman, which is below the replacement level.

If we were to stop our analysis at this depressing fact the obvious conclusion would be that Americans, as a group of people, will eventually go extinct if they stay on this trajectory.

However, upon further digging I’ve found a silver lining: Natural Selection, as always, is simply replacing one group of people with another. From an evolutionary standpoint this makes perfect sense: Natural Selection is replacing the group of people who believe less into America, sometimes to the point of hating it, (Liberals) with those who strongly believe in it (Conservatives)

  • Extremely liberal (2.5%) — 1.61
  • Liberal (12.7%) — 1.72
  • Slightly liberal (11.3%) — 1.58
  • Moderate (39.9%) — 2.14
  • Slightly conservative (15.6%) — 2.03
  • Conservative (14.3%) — 2.34
  • Extremely conservative (3.7%) — 2.62

It’s hard to determine when Liberals, subconsciously, decided to breed themselves out of existence but we can probably pinpoint it in the 60s or 70s with the liberal victories of the expansion of the welfare state and the legalization of abortion in 1973.

That would mean that the following generation, those born after 1993, would show overwhelmingly Conservative preferences.

That Generation is referred to as Gen Z and the data is in:

Although it’s too late for Liberal to invert the trend, especially considering that they’re pushing Antinatalism even harder, they do understand the implications of this demographic shift and they’re desperately trying to import voters from outside, immigrants, to remain in power.

We cannot speculate if Trump is conscious of these dynamics but his anti-immigration / deportation policies will be the nail in the coffin for liberals, for a long long time.

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