I don’t remember the year, let alone the date, but I remember distinctly the price. The price was $5 and a close friend of mine who was working for a Hedge Fund in Switzerland told me to check this “online currency” called Bitcoin.

Like most people who hear about Bitcoin for the first time I didn’t spend more than 3 minutes on it and quickly forgot about it.

The second time, around 2013, was even worse. A woman I was dating asked me what I thought about Bitcoin, which by then was trading at around $120, and whether she should buy some, my resolute answer was: “Don’t bother with it sweetheart, it’s over priced and it’s probably a scam anyway.”

Does this sound familiar to you?

Thankfully in late 2015 I discovered Twitter, mainly because I was constantly told about Trump crazy tweets and somehow ended up following this guy David Seaman (no, not the British goalkeeper) who was in all kind of conspiracy theories and, more importantly, couldn’t stop talking about Bitcoin.

So one fine day I took all the courage in my hands, made an account on Coinbase bought $10 of BTC and went from nocoiner to bitcoiner.

From that day it would take me another year before I began to understand the magnitude of what Bitcoin really was.

I guess you can call me a slow learner.

In my 20s I had been involved with technology startups for a decade and became a big fan of Naval Ravikant. I assume after the Election I must have got bored with Politics and returned to casually paying attention to Twitter until one night I read this tweet:

At that point I still knew nothing about Bitcoin but I definitely knew Naval was a genius so I quickly re-installed Coinbase on my iPhone clicked the forgotten password link and checked my balance: $124. My brain immediately suggested “there must be a mistake bro” so I put my phone down, typed “bitcoin price” on Google and furiously went back to Twitter to inspect the rest of Naval thread.

That night I don’t think I slept a minute, the proverbial Bitcoin Rabbit Hole awaited me.

My second buy was on October 4th 2017, right in the middle of the last bull run, few months before Bitcoin reached its all time high price — for now — of almost $20,000 (!!!)

To this day I still think about the $5 Bitcoin and only God knows if I would have held all the way but one thing is for sure: there was nothing preventing me from understanding the subject back then except my lack of curiosity.

So if this is your first time reading about Bitcoin don’t repeat my mistake and remember: Curiosity pays.

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