Bitcoin is Peace, Freedom & Prosperity


Bitcoin is a digital asset with a mathematically capped supply of 21 Millions. No asset or good exist that is scarcer than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is also a payment network that allows for trust-less, permission-less, borderless peer-to-peer transactions in an hostile & adversarial environment.

Anyone on the planet with access to an internet connection can participate in the Bitcoin network.

The implications of such invention are beyond anybody’s imagination.

Bitcoin is Peace

War is waged for the procurement of resources. Bitcoin is the first asset in the history of mankind that cannot be easily confiscated via violence. This reduce greatly the incentive for the invaders.

War is predominantly funded with the indebitment of the aggressor(s) via the expansion of the money supply. No individual, organization or Government can alter the supply of Bitcoin rendering the funding of war very expensive.

Bitcoin is Freedom

Bitcoin is the first asset that can be self custodied and moved around, at any scale, with little to no cost. Properly stored, Bitcoin is unseizable which diminish vastly the power of the State, the biggest aggressor of freedom.

Bitcoin is Prosperity

Inflation is the biggest driver of poverty as newly printed money accrues to the already wealthy while debasing the value of the already poor savings. This mechanism increase the wealth gap, further centralize power in the hands of the few and create societal resentment. Bitcoin is inflation resistant money. Under a Bitcoin standard goods & services can only be acquired with the distribution of wealth from the have to the have-not.

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Italian born, US stationed. #bitcoin

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Ryan DeLongpre

Ryan DeLongpre

Italian born, US stationed. #bitcoin

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